Who are we?

Our History

Founded in 1978 as a non-profit association and beneficiary of charity organisation status, the Société Historique de la Saskatchewan encourages the study of the history of francophone peoples of Saskatchewan. Over the years, it has worked closely with the Saskatchewan Archives to build an excellent bank of historical documents pertinent to the history of French people in the province. The Société always encourages the preservation of any documents of historical or cultural value. It also frequently works with the the French Education Branch of the Ministry of Education of Saskatchewan to ease accessibility of French Saskatchewan history materials in schools. To date, the Société historique de la Saskatchewan has published thirteen books about the history of the French-speaking people of Sasktachewan.

Our Mission

The Société historique de la Saskatchewan researches and distributes the history of the French presence in Saskatchewan since the beginning of North American exploration and colonisation to present.

Our Mandate

To study the history of Saskatchewan and reexamine the francophone presence.

To rediscover and preserve all information leading to the enrichment of the cultural heritage of the Francophone people of Saskatchewan.

To focus on the active promotion of the Fransaskois and its interpretation in order that all residents become familiar with the role played by the French in Saskatchewan.

To encourage the development of a sense of cultural history and a taste for research in French history.

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